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FREE SHIPPING for Prints inside the US!
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About the Artist

Growing up in Central Virginia, much my free time was spent exploring the lakes, streams, woods and mountains around me. It is where I felt a closeness with God that is difficult to put into words. I discovered my passion for art in late elementary school and pursued it through the end of high school.

Much of my adult life was spent working my way up in the local print media industry as an advertising manger, graphic designer, editor and finally as a publisher. Later, I went on to graduate from film school. Throughout this time, I also served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and the Army National Guard for a combined 24 years before retiring in 2019. It was in late 2019 that I rediscovered my passion for art, particularly oil painting, and have been painting full time ever since.

The painting subjects that I am drawn to tend to be dramatic unspoiled landscape scenes that stir my soul. Sometimes I will find an old or forgotten structure that will evoke or reflect an emotion in me. I paint in oils on canvas or panels. Archival quality giclee prints are available for most of my original oil paintings.

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